How to become an NFL Waterboy? | NFL Waterboy Salary 2023 (100% Genuine)

Are you looking for a job? Do you want to be a part of the NFL? Are you interested in jobs for sports? So here is a great opportunity for you. There are so many jobs that big sports teams offer or they hire for themselves.

Do you know, you can earn great money by watching and working for the NFL, America’s most popular sport. Many people dream of being a part of America’s most popular sport, or many dream of being associated with the country’s top sports.

Imagine you doing a job with them and watching the players live.  Being a waterboy on an NFL team can be your dream come true, you can do jobs and meet your favorite football players almost every day.

They hire and pay a good salary for an NFL waterboy job. So do you know how to become an NFL waterboy? What is the process to become an NFL waterboy? What are the requirements? Is the job permanent? Every single detail about NFL waterboy is discussed in the article, so read it thoroughly.

What is the NFL Waterboy job? 

How To Become An NFL Waterboy

NFL Waterboy jobs are a great opportunity for people to get involved with America’s most popular sport. Too often we overlook the behind the scenes things that make a sport or athlete successful. For the players, their practice and hard work is always the reason for their success, but we cannot ignore those who help them behind the scenes.

Professionals like the NFL WaterBoy are always on the ground providing water to thirsty players so they can stay hydrated and do well for the team and themselves. There is a good chance to get a good job with a good salary. Some people may not be seen on the screen, but they are very important for the performance of the players.

In this task, the player is joined by drinking water in the playground. These are the unsung heroes. These are the people who ensure that the players stay well hydrated during their games. In any sport with a high work rate, players require a lot of water to remain at their peak performance.

How to Become an NFL Waterboy?

There are several processes involved in becoming an NFL waterboy. You can follow any of these. Getting this job is not a big deal, it can be achieved by any person of legal age. Keeping all its terms and conditions in mind, you can easily get it.

Educational qualification is very basic to become an NFL water boy. You must have a high school pass certificate document. Good communication and management skills to perform efficiently as a Water Boy. It’s even better if you have an inside connection or if you know an employee or player on the team.

How To Become An nfl Waterboy

Sometimes teams run more traditionally and hire relatives of coaches to save money. They hire interns so that they only have to pay the stipend. You can get a lot of benefit from this. Through these you can reach the management of the team, your resume becomes even stronger. This will help you stay in their good books, and they may eventually refer you.

An aspiring water boy should focus on building a network with professionals in the NFL. Networking is very important for any career.

How Much Do They Get Paid?

NFL waterboys get very handsome pay in hand. It may vary but NFL teams pay very well to waterboys. According to some reports, NFL waterboys earn salaries of up to $53,000. Sometimes they get only stipends but the stipend amount is also not less and many interns are working with them. There is often a difference between the salary of an experienced water boy and a fresher and we see this everywhere.

Here, experience can help in increasing your salary further. The actual rate of the team also affects the salary of the waterboys, if the growth of the team is good then the salary will increase. Also, if you are experienced then you will get more job opportunities and eventually your salary and earnings will increase.

Is the NFL waterboy Job secured?


Yes, the NFL waterboy job is secure. But yes, in every work there are always pros and cons. If you perform well, if your behavior and skills are good then automatically your security will increase. In any job, you need to work on your skills like communication, management etc if you want to secure your place. Overall it can be a good work for any needy. And if this is a person interested in sports, then obviously he will like it more here.

What is the process of NFL waterboys hiring?

The process of hiring is very simple and easy. You just need to complete the process and submit the required documents. Here is the step-by-step guide to getting a job in NFL or How to become an NFL waterboy:- 

  • Go to the official website of the NFL i.e
  • Click on the team or league link.
  • You can also visit the famous sports website and go to their Job or Hiring page.
  • After going to the official website and clicking on the required link, check and verify carefully for the intern and entry-level positions.
  • Do the other process very carefully and submit your resume.
  • Don’t forget that your resume should be of your best qualities and a lot of work experience should be there.

What are the NFL waterboys works?

NFL Waterboy Works are primarily centralized to provide players with water on the field when they need it. Instead you may get some additional work which will be in your range but will be occasional. Mostly, NFL waterboys work to provide water to thirsty players so that they can perform well. NFL waterboys are indirect supporters of the team and players, and their contribution to the team’s victory is immense.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an NFL Waterboy


There are many benefits to being an NFL waterboy. Many thousands, millions of people dream of meeting their favorite footballers, taking photos, hugging, signing autographs, etc. This becomes commonplace for NFL waterboys. There are many other benefits of being an NFL waterboy. They also get some relaxation like other employees. NFL Waterboys get 2 free tickets every year.


There are no such disadvantages to being an NFL waterboy but many times people see it as a lowly profession. It demands a lot of physical labor. The water boy has to run a lot to fulfill his duty. Sometimes your importance is ignored. All the sideline workers work hard to manage things so that the players can play without stress.

FAQs related to how to become an nfl waterboy

Q. Do Waterboys get Super Bowl rings?

It depends on team policy whether waterboys and cheerleaders can receive Super Bowl rings. The winning team will decide to whom it will give the ring.

Q. Do NFL Waterboys need a degree?

A high school diploma or equivalent education is sufficient for an NFL waterboy. Other skills are more relevant to being a waterboy. Good communication skills, management skills, etc. are also important to become a waterboy for the NFL.

Q. Do NFL teams have their own planes?

NFL players are known for earning millions of dollars, driving fancy cars, and living lavish lifestyles. But the surprising thing is that only one NFL team flies its athletes in its plane. The club has two private jets to ferry them.

Q. Do NFL players share hotel rooms?

Yes. You only have one roommate until one of your trades. To save on expenses, and to keep track of everyone, NFL players are given double rooms.

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