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Poetic Appreciation : Song Of The Open Road


Poetic Appreciation : Song Of The Open Road

Poetic Appreciation
Write a poetic appreciation of the poem ‘Song of the Open Road’ with the help of the following points.
  • ·       About the poem / poet and the title
  • ·       The theme
  • ·       Poetic Style
  • ·       Language /Poetic devices
  • ·       Special features
  • ·       Message, values, morals in the poem
  • ·       Your opinions about the poem

The poem ‘Song of the Open Road’ is taken from ‘Leaves of Grass’ by Walt Whitman. It is a beautiful blend of human feelings. It enlightens us with the poet’s self-realizations about the journey of life. Walt Whitman, an American poet, is often called as ‘The Father of free verse’. The title of the poem is significant and apt. The road signifies mobility.
The poem is about self-awareness, free will and tenderness of heart. Staying in one place for too long stagnates the life.
The poem is free verse. It has no regular rhyme and rhythm. It has unique arrangements of words and lines. Three to five lines together make meaning (Complete sense).
The poem is enriched with the poetic devices such as metaphor, alliteration, repetition and paradox. These poetic devices add musical and pictorial effect.
People should take the road as point to start over towards something new. The journey of life should be mobile and always on the road to move on

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