Interview Questions

Interview Questions : Bravery Award Winner

Prepare a list of interview questions to conduct interview of a bravery award winner.


Hello Machindra Khillare,

congratulations on winning bravery award.

1. You got prestigious bravery award for saving a mother and son from drowning. How did this happen?


2.What feelings made you to dive into the water?

3. When did you learn swimming? Did your parents support to learn swimming?

4. Weren’t you afraid of risking your life?

5. How did you feel when you saved two lives?

6. How did your family react when they first knew what you did?

7. How did you feel now after receiving the award?


8. What will you do with sum amount you received as a prize?

9. What you want to become in future?

10. What message would you like to give the children of your age?

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