Poetic Appreciation : 2.5 and 2.6

 Poetic Appreciation : 2.5 and 2.6

Write a poetic appreciation of the poem 2.5 ‘Father Returning Home’ with the help of the following points.



Father Returning Home



  • About the poem / poet and the title
  •  The theme
  • Poetic Style
  • Language /Poetic devices
  •  Special features
  •   Message, values, morals in the poem
  • Your opinions about the poem



2.5 Father Returning Home

Dilip Chitre was a celebrated bilingual poet. He was a translator with a remarkable work in Marathi and English.


The poem ’Father Returning Home’ is taken from ‘Traveling in a cage’- by Dilip Chitre. It draws a portrait of a suburban father as commuter.


The poem depicts dull and monotonous routine of father. The father is alienated in his home. His children refuse to share their joys and sorrows with the hardworking father. This painful loneliness is a symbol of man’s isolation from the materialistic man-made world.


The poem has no regular rhyming words and rhyme scheme. The poem is divided into two stanzas. In the first stanza the vivid description of father as a commuter draws the attention. In the second stanza his painful loneliness at home is shown. Simile, alliteration, onomatopoeia and synecdoche, transferred epithet are the striking figures of speech used in the poem.


The underlying message of the poem generation gap in the modern age has created disrespect for the elders. In spite of all the odds the father devote his life for the children.




Poetic Appreciation: 2.6 Money






The poem ‘Money’ is written by William H. Davies, a Welsh poet. After several years of a wandering life, he published his volume of poems.


The poem ‘Money’ tells us about the rich man who wants to be a poor man to find real happiness. It is when we do not have money or have lost our money, we realize how important the money is.


There are five stanzas of four lines each. The poet has maintained the particular rhyming pattern in the first four stanzas. The second line rhymes with the fourth line. He has made use of repetition skilfully. Poetic devices like inversion, simile, onomatopoeia and antithesis made the effective.


The poem is closely associated with the modern world. The underlying message in the poem is money cannot give you eternal happiness.


▶️2.5 Father Returning Home


▶️ 2.6 Money

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