Class 12English

Std xi First Semester Examination 2021-22

 First Semester Examination 2021-22

Marks – 50

Section I – PROSE

Reading for comprehension, Language study, Summary

 1. A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below.(12)

It was April 2004. I stood in the middle of the lush green field of moong(greengram) and looked around me. It was just before sunrise and the sky was turning a bright orange. The ground was damp and the leaves were shining with dew. My bare feet were muddy as I walked around gingerly, inspecting the plants.

Around me were rows of chikoo trees and below a dense follage of moong. At that point, I could not have asked for anything more. The moong plants, not more than two feet tall, had green pods hanging out. The pods were not yet ripe and there was a light fuzz growing on them. there was still some time before the harvest. I felt exhilarated.

I stood watching the sun rise above the towering trees across the fence and slowly made my way back to the house, a white structure in the middle of this greenery. I could not believe that I was the owner of this land and that I was looking at my first crop as a farmer. After I had paid the advance money for the land, I thought I would have some time to get familiar with farming. But Moru Dada, the broker who got us the land, had other ideas. He was keen that we plant moong at once. I was not prepared for this. I was still reading books and trying to figure out what we could sow and how we should go about it. Moru Dada was quite firm. He said the season was right for sowing moong and the best seeds were available in Surat inthe adjacent state of Gujarat.

A1)State whether the following sentences are True or False and rewrite. 

1) Moong plants were not more than two feet tall.


2) The writer was inspecting the plants in the evening.

Ans- false

3) Moong was the first crop of the writer as a farmer.


4) The seeds were available in the village.


2)Complete the following statements with the help of the extract.

i)The writer’s feet were muddy because.he walked around gingerly inspecting the plants 

ii) There were rows of Chikoo trees in the farm.

iii) The writer’s house was situated in the middle of the greenery. 

Iv) Mora Dada professionally was a farmer and a broker.

A3) Enlist the words/phrases that define the beauty of nature that he witnessed at the farm.

Ans :- lush green

            Bright orange sky 

A4) Write your brief views about farming conditions in your area.

Ans :- Today farming conditions in my area become worse because of bad climate, unseasonal rain and not having fixed market for their crop.

5) Language Study:

Do as directed.

The correct tense form of the following sentence is

i) It was April 2004.

a) Simple Present Tense.

b) Past Perfect Tense.

c) Simple Past Tense

d) Simple Future Tense.

Ans :- c) Simple Past Tense

ii) I could not have asked for anything more.

 (Choose the correct alternative forget be able to form of the given sentence)

a) I am able to have asked for anything more.

 b) I was not able to have asked for anything more.

c) I was able to have asked for anything more.

d) I am unable to have asked for anything more.

6) Write the noun forms of the followings.

1) farming

Ans :- farm


Ans :- plant 

B) Language Study (Non-Textual Grammar)

Do as directed.

1) You have to attend all the lectures regularly.

 (Rewrite the sentence using modal auxiliary showing ‘obligation’)

Ans:- You ought to attend all the lectures regularly.

2) His mother is….. accountant in….. State Bank of India.

(Fill in the blanks with suitable articles and rewrite)


3) Shashank speaks English. He speaks french also. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘as well as’)

Ans:- Shashank speaks English as well as French. 

2. A) Read the following extract and complete the activities that given below. 12 

I want my photograph to be taken I said Everybody knows what a photographer

is like. Sit there, he said and wait I waited an hour I read the Ladies Companion for 1902, the Gets Magazine for 1902, and the Infants, bumal for 1886. I began to see that I had done an impertinent thing in breaking in on the pracy of this man’s sontfic pursalt with a face like minerAfter an hour the photographer opened an er door Come in the said sever

I went into the studio. Sit down, sad the photographer, I sat down in a beam of

sunlight filtered through a sheet of factory cotton hutig against a frosted window

The photographer rolled a machine in to the middle of the mom and crawled into t from a behind. He was only in a second-just time enough for one look at me and then he was out again, bearing at the cotton sheet and the window panes with a hooked stick, apparent frantic for light and air

Then he crawled back in to the machine agan and drew a little black cloth over himself. This time he was very quiet in there. I knew that he was praying and kept still. When the photographer came out at last, he looked very grave and shook his head

“The face is quite wrong,” he said.

I know I answered quietly, I have always knownHe sighed

I think he said the face would be better three quarters fullT’m sure it would be I said enthusiastically, for I was glad to find that the man had such a human side to him. So would yours In fact I continued how many faces one sees that are apparently hard, narrow, limited, but the minute you get the three quarters full they get wide, large almost boundless inBut the photographer ceased to listen. He come over and took my head in his hand and twisted it in sideways. I thought he meant to kiss me, and I closed my eyes

But I was wrong.

He twisted my face as far as t would go and then stood looking at it.

He sighed again.

I don’t like the head he said

Then he went back to the machine and took another look

Open the mouth a little he said.

I started to do so.

A1) Choose the corect answer from the options given and rewrite the.

i) The namator walts outside the photographer’s studio for.

a) less than hour

c) two hours

b) more than hour

Ans:- d) an hour

ii)) While waiting for his photograph at studio narrator read a journal named.

 a) Biometrics

 b) Infants journal for 1888

c) Ladies companion for 1912

d) Girls Magazine for 1902

Ans:- b) Infants journal for 1888

iii) The photographer crawled into the machine for just a second and came out again dearly for.

a) cotton sheets

b) light and air

c) curtains

Ans:– d) window panes

iv) When the narrator.says, I know that he was praying and I kept still he is being.

a) Serious

b) humorous

c) Ironic

d) sarcastic

Ans-a) Serious

A2) Complete the following:

When the photographer called the author in through the inner door he……….

Ans:- writer went inside the studio and sat down in a beam of sunlight. And then sat just watching what photographer doing. 

A3)”I had done an impertinent thing in breaking in on the privacy of this man’s scientific pursuit with a face like mine.”. Interpret the statement.

Ans:- writer wanted a photograph of his own so he went to photographer . He was observing the activities of photograph. He became bored with the instructions and that’s why do Irrelevant activities. 

A4)Describe your own experience while you had been to the photographer’s studio to click your photograph.

Ans:- My experience in photographer’s studio is quite funny. 

Photographer gave me lots of instructions. 

He behaved me like children. 

I enjoyed his behavior. 

A5) Language Study:

Do as directed.

i) “I don’t like the head,” he said.

 (Find out the correct indirect speech sentence from the given options and rewrite)

a) He said that he don’t like the head.

b) He said he did not like the head.

c) He said that he did not like the head.

d) He said he doesn’t like the head.

i i) I started to do so.

(Choose correct gerund form of sentence from the options given below)

a) I started to doing so.

b) I started doing so.

c) I started for doing so.

d) I started so doing.

A6) Match the words given in coloumn ‘A’ with their meanings given in coloumn ‘B’ and rewrite.

a) Frantic                     -excited interest

b) sigh                           – Irrelevant

c) Enthusiam           – Is state of panic or rush

d) Impertinent      + Deep prolongedqudible                               Inhale or exhale of                                           breath


a) in a state of panic or rush 

b) deep prolonged qudible Inhale or exhale of breath. 

c) excited interest 

d) irrelevant 

B) Summary Writing!

Write a summary of the above extract in 4 to 5 sentences and suggest a suitable title.


Section II – POETRY

3. Read the following extract and complete the activities, that given below.

There is another sky.

Ever serene and fair,

And there is another sunshine,

Though it be darkness there;

Never mind faded forests, Austin,

Never mind silent fields Here is a little forest,

Whose leaf is ever green;

Here is a brighter garden,

Where not a frost has been;

In its unfading flowers

I hear the bright bee hum:

Prithee, my brother,

Into my garden come I

1) Complete the web giving the sad and gloomy aspects of life mentioned in the first part of the extract.


Faded forest

silent field

Little forest 

2) List the expression from the extract highlighting the brighter side of

i)) Brighter garden

ii) unfading flowers 

iii) bright bee hum

3) Write two inspiring sentences to encourage your sister who is upset of due to Failure in competitive examination. 


Failure means not end ,it is another chance to become successful. 

Don’t think your past focus on future. 

competitive examination

4) “I hear the bright bee hum

Name and explains the figure of speech mentioned in the above


Section III-Writing Skills 

4. A) Attempt any ONE of the following.

1) Letter Writing. Write a letter to the principal of your college asking for bocation centicate


2) e-mail Writing:

As a group leader, write an email to the Superintendent of Holiday sea

Matheran for making reservation for the stay of a group of 25 students of your


Your proposed date of visit

Number of days and nights stay

. Breakfast, food arcangement

Reservation charges per day

B) Attempt any ONE of the following:

1) Expansion of Idea

Expand the following idea with the help of the points guen beste your

answer in about 100 to 150 words.

“Necessity is the mother of invention

Importance of invention

Use of term Mother

* Examples or proof

Human tendency of invention conclusio

2) Blog Writing.

Write a blog in proper format on social Distancing Need of Time. Since Corone

outbreak has spread, the whole world we need to follow it strictly

Use following points.

Outbreak of disease

• Overcrowded cities and the whole country

We are social by nature

The spread of disease

Need of social distancing is only solution.


3. Film Review:

Write review of film that you have recently seeni. Write your review based on any four points given below.

Name of the characters (Main and supporting roles.)

About the story / theme of the film.

Why did you like/dislike the film.

Special features / novelties/ novel Ideas.

Music / dance/action/ direction

Should others watch this film./Why?

Section – IV (Literary Genre – Drama)

5. Complete the activities as per the instructions given below:

A) Choose and write the correct alternative.

i) The……… is the main character in a play.

a) antogoinst

b) King

c) down

d) protagonist

ii) Comedy is a drama with ……..

a) unhappy ending

b) happy ending

c) sorrowful events

d) sufferings

B) Match the followings.

‘A’.                                  ‘B’

a) Plot               i) main idea of a play

b) Characters    ii) essence of drama

c) Conflict         ii i) series of events 

                            occurning in a play

d) Theme         iv) Important elements of                                    drama






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