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Speech Writing : A Health Awareness Programme

 Your college has organised ‘A Health Awareness Programme’ to emphasise the importance of healthy food and say good bye to ‘Junk food’.

As a class representative, prepare a speech in about 100 words to be delivered during the inaugural function. You may use the following points :


(1) Importance of healthy food.

(2) Regular and proportional diet, avoiding junk food.

(3) Importance of exercise.

(4) Add your own points.


Ans. Say Goodbye to Junk Food !

Respected Professors and my dear friends,

Good morning. Welcome to the ‘Health Awareness Programme organized by our college. I, XYZ, the CR of Std. XII C, will begin the programme by saying a few words on the importance of health.

I don’t think that anyone here is in any doubt about the importance of good health. We all know that health is wealth. Yet. how many of us follow the rules which will keep us healthy? How many of us can resist junk food?

We must be healthy both in body and in mind. To have a healthy body, we must eat fruits and fresh vegetables, and keep away from fast food and junk food. We must participate regularly in outdoor games and not remain glued to our computers and TV sets the whole day. To have a healthy mind, we must have a happy and positive outlook on life, and encourage positive emotions like love, friendship and happiness. Only when we are truly healthy will we be able to live a complete and happy life.

I now conclude my brief speech. Thank you for your patience in listening to me. Good day.

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