Class 11

1.5 Mrs. Adis : Ice breakers and Brainstorming

 Activities from the margin of the lesson 

The writer describes Mrs. Adis as –

  • a small woman
  • Thin woman
  • Brown hard face
  • Hair like wrinkles

Mrs. Adis asks Peter crouch whether he has had a quarrel with the keepers. This shows that

  1.  Peter Crouch is hot temper
  2.  He gets into quarrel easily.
  3.  Mr. Adis knew his nature.

List some characteristics of Mrs. Adis based on this incident.
Faithful , trustworthy, good , helpful , forgetful
Give reason :
Vilder guessed that Crouch has taken refuge at Mrs. Adis’ house because he was a friend of Mrs. Adis’s son Tom. Crouch didn’t know that he had shot Tom dead.

The row took place because the keepers scared Peter Crouch who fired the gun in darkness.

Mrs. Adis unlocked the door because she had forgiven Peter and wanted him to run away safely.

Guess the meaning: ‘wrung’ here means
Find the difference between: shivering and trembling

(A1) (i) Discuss with your partner and describe the atmosphere in the woods when Peter Crouch was heading towards Mrs. Adis’s House. It was-
(a) a dark moonless night.
(b) a few stars in the sky
(c) windless , silent and clear night
(ii) Peter Crouch didn’t knock before entering Mrs. Adis’s house.
The reason was-
(a) Peter Crouch didn’t want to make noise.
(b) He wanted nobody to hear the noise of knocking
(c) He was in haste.
(iii) Go through the text again and find the reasons that forced Peter to shoot down a person.
(a) The keepers spotted him.
(b) He had fears of being caught.
(c) They were more in numbers.
(iv) Mrs. Adis didn’t hand over Peter Crouch to the keepers because-
(a) He was her son Tom’s friend.
(b) Tom would want her to stay by him.

(A2) The writer has used a phrase ‘Thudding Heart’ which means pounding, or beating of heart. Do you know ‘Thud’ is an onomatopoeic word which means a heavy sound made by an object falling to the ground. Discuss with your partner and make a list of Onomatopoeic words that you find in the text.
(a) crackling
(b) rustling
(c) bark

Activities other than the text 

A1 Choose the correct alternative and rewrite the following statements.
1) Peter/ Mrs. Adis was stooping over the fire.
2) Peter knocked the door/walked straight in the cottage.
3) Peter thought he killed/ shot a man.
4) Mrs. Adis was a woman with a hard/soft face.
A2. Complete the statement: Peter was in trouble because …………
A3. The kettle boiled over and Mrs Adis mechanically put it at the side of the fire. Find the deeper meaning of this statement.

A4. Imagine a young man comes to you pleading to protect him from police. Write how you will react.
A5. Language Study.
1. He did not knock, but walked straight in. (Rewrite into simple sentence.)
Ans. Without knocking he walked straight in.
2. I shot a man. (Rewrite into passive voice.)
Ans. A man was shot by me.
A6. Vocabulary.
2.  a line in the skin of face                               
3, overcrowded
4. too many to be counted

       1. reluctant to do something

Vocabulary Test

Choose appropriate words from the given WORD BANK and  complete the test.
( intensified, innumerable, ceased, stooping over, stuffy, shrug, wrinkles, knell, snap, deserved, huddled down, on the threshold, escape, hesitated, anxiety, straining, refuge, fetch, beseechingly, close at hand)
1. What word MOST NEARLY means: stroke?
2. What word MOST NEARLY means: very near?
3. What word MOST NEARLY means: appealingly?
4.What word MOST NEARLY means: bend over?
5.What word MOST NEARLY means: shrink oneself?
6.What word MOST NEARLY means: streching?
7.What word MOST NEARLY means: make a sharp sound?
8.What word MOST NEARLY means: sharpened?
9.What word MOST NEARLY means: get free of?
10.What word MOST NEARLY means: bring in?
11.What word MOST NEARLY means: nervousness?
12 What word MOST NEARLY means: small ridges in the skin?
13. What word MOST NEARLY means: competent ?
14. What word MOST NEARLY means: boundary?
15. What word MOST NEARLY means: to delay momentarily?
16. What word MOST NEARLY means: lacking in vitality?
17. What word MOST NEARLY means: too many?
18. What word MOST NEARLY means: shelter?
19. What word MOST NEARLY means: stopped
20. What word MOST NEARLY means: lift the shoulders?

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