Class 12

XII English Model question paper Set -4


S.Y.J.C. Arts/Com. Preliminary Exam. 01.03.2021 ENGLISH

Time : 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. Max. Marks : 80


Section – I

(Reading for Comprehension, Language Study, Summary, Mind Mapping) [16]

Q.1 A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below : [12]

This is not to say that I did not like Science or Mathematics. In fact, I loved these subjects. However, I did not study them only for scoring maximum marks in the examinations. I used to study these subjects or any subject for that matter for its inherent beauty. I found Newton’s law of motion beautiful and Pythagorean Theorem elegant. I loved solving problems of Physics and Mathematics of the 9th standard when I was in the 7th, not to show off, but just because I used to get involved in solving them. I used to love problemsolving and used to enjoy finding out the most elegant method of solving them. Obviously, these problems were not a part of the curriculum, but I enjoyed the whole process. This attitude of looking beyond marks or examinations and to seek joy in solving any challenging problem helped me to develop a ‘problem-solving’ attitude which came handy when I appeared for my IIT entrance (JEE) because this exam is completely based on your problemsolving ability  and the ability to think not only logically but quickly and rapidly.

I scored 100% marks in Mathematics in almost all the examinations that I appeared for from my 1st standard until IIT, barring only a few times. I stood 16th in the SSC Board (at that time, this examination was for the whole of Maharashtra, including Nagpur) and I stood 1st in the University in all subjects put together. Those days, you could get an admission into IIT without the entrance test (JEE) if you had secured the 1st rank in the University. Therefore, I did not have to appear for the entrance test to get the admission into IIT, but nobody in Solapur told me about it, for I doubt if anybody in Solapur even knew about this rule. Therefore, I appeared for the entrance examination, and I secured a very good rank in the same.

A 1) Rewrite the following statements mentioning whether they are True or False.

i) The writer did not like Science or Mathematics.

ii) The writer’s skill at solving problems helped him in his IIT exam.iii) He scored 100% marks in all subjects. iv) It was not necessary for the writer to appear for the IIT entrance exam. (2)

A 2) List the achievements of the writer as a student. (2)

i) ____________________________ ii) ____________________________ iii) ____________________________ iv) ____________________________

A 3) The writer developed a problem-solving attitude because ………………. (2)

A 4) Mention your favourite subject and the reasons why you like it the most. (2)

A 5) Language Study.

i) I appeared for my IIT entrance.

(Identify the tense) ii) These problems were not a part of the curriculum, but I enjoyed the whole process.

(Rewrite it as a ‘complex sentence’) (2)

A 6) Write the verb form of the following words.

i) maximum –

ii) examination –

iii) beauty –

iv) challenging – (2)

Q 1 B) Non – Textual Grammar. [4]

I) Do as directed.

i) Varun served as ______ clerk in ______ State Bank of India.

(Rewrite it using appropriate articles) ii) Everybody was present for Rahul’s birthday ______ Rohit as he was ______ leave that day.

(Rewrite it using appropriate prepositions)

iii) Mother said to Meena, “Is it the same movie that we saw last week ?”

(Rewrite it in ‘indirect speech’) (3)

II) Spot the error and rewrite the sentence. (1)

i) Ramesh is one of the week student

Q.2 A) Read the extract carefully and complete the activities that follow :  [18] [12]

CHANAKYA had come to Takshashila about seven years ago in persuit of higher education. Seasons after season had passed by. He had gained knowledge of various subjects. This education had widened his horizon. It had opened many more avenues of scholastic achievements to him.

Eventhough  Chanakya’s main avocation was Medicine and Political Science yet he had indulged in variety of subjects like Economics, Social Science, World History, Geography and little bit of mathematics and others. The University had evening classes for students with inadequate means of support. Also the University had given freedom to student to select any class they were interested in. Chanakya had taken advantages of all these facilities to the fullest extent.

University was not the only source of education for Chanakya. He learned the academic and theoretical education at the University. Practical education of day to day workings of trade and commerce, history of Bharat, upto date happening in other Kingdoms came from Shivshanker, a walking encyclopaedia. Shivshankar had given him information about political, social and economic conditions of other Kingdoms like Kekaya, Takshashila, Youdheya Malava, Shudraka, Saubhuti, Katha and Gandhar.

Chanakya, Indusharma and Gangadas were frequent visitors to Shivshankar and occassionally Shivshanakr used to visit them at University dormitory.

Today the troika was visiting Shivshankar after a long absence. Obviously Shivshankar was delighted by their visit and welcomed them heardly. He made them comfortable in the living room.

He reproved in jest and said, “I thought you boys forgot us ? Chanakya, your mother was getting worried. What took you so long to visit us ?”

“Well, we are sorry. But we have got more home work to do and some times we have to attend evening classes too,” Indusharma was trying to justify.

“How can we forget you ? That’s not possible. I am well aware that mother must be anxiously waiting. But I couldn’t help,” Chanakya said apologitically.

A 1) Following sentences are jumbled up, arrange them in the order of  their occurrences.

i) Chanakya, Indusharma and Gangadas were welcomed by Shivshankar.

ii) Medicine and Political Science were the main hobbies of Chanakya.iii) Chanakya had knowledge of multiple subjects. iv) Evening classes were offered by the University. (2)

A 2) The reasons for Chanakya’s coming to Takshashila were for —

i) ____________________________________________________ ii) ____________________________________________________ (2)

A 3) Guess the facilities of Takshashila University.

i) ____________________________________________________ ii) ____________________________________________________ (2)

A 4) “Knowledge will bring the opportunity to make a difference.” Express your opinions on it. (2)

A 5) Language study  (Do As Directed) (2)

a) This education had widened his horizon.

(Begin the sentence with ‘His Horizon’ —–) (1)

b) He learned the academic and theoretical education at the University.

(Use ‘not only ——- but also’) (1)

A 6) Vocabulary :- (2)

Give one word for the following :

i) A schoolwork that a pupil is required to do at home ________ .

ii) The line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet ________ .

B) Summary Writing :

Write a summary of the above extract with a suitable title with the help (3) of the given points.

(Chanakya’s scholastic achievements —— University : —— the source of education —— Contribution of Shivshankar)

C) Mind – Mapping : (3)

Time – Management is a key to success. It plays a very important role in student’s life. So develop a “Mind – Mapping” frame/design to show the “TimeManagement” to the students.


Section – II  [POETRY]

Q.3 A) Read the given extract and complete the following activities given [10] below :

My father travels on the late evening train

Standing among silent commuters in the yellow light

Suburbs slide past his unseeing eyes

His shirt and pants are soggy and his black raincoat

Stained with mud and his bag stuffed with books

Is falling apart. His eyes dimmed by age

Fade homeward through the humid monsoon night.

Now I can see him getting off the train

Like a word dropped from a long sentence.

He hurries across the length of the grey platform,

Crosses the railway line, enters the lane,

His chappals are sticky with mud, but he hurries onward.

Home again, I see him drinking weak tea, Eating a stale chapati, reading a book.

He goes into the toilet to contemplate

Man’s estragement from a man-made world.

A 1) List the difficulties faced by the father in the extract.

1) ______________________________

2) ______________________________

3) ______________________________

4) ______________________________ (2)

A 2) Pick out the lines from the extract reflecting the monsoon season. (2)

A 3) Parents face hard work for the family : Justify your views about the statement. (2)

A 4) Identify and explain the figure of speech in the following lines.

Now I can see him getting off the train

Like a word dropped from a long sentence (2)

A 5) Compose the missingimaginary rhythmic lines to the line given below respectively.

Now I can see him getting off the train


He hurries across the length of the grey platform,

_________________________________________________ (2)

Q.3 B) Read the given extract and write an appreciation of it, based on the (4)

points given below it.

Weavers, weaving at break of day,

Why do you weave a garment so gay ?……

Blue as the wing of a halcyon wild,

We weave the robes of a new-born child.

Weavers, weaving at fall of night,

Why do you weave a garment so bright ?……

Like the plumes of a peacock, purple and green, We weave the marriage-veils of a queen.

Weavers, weaving solemn and still,

What do you weave in the moonlight chill ……

White as a feather and white as a cloud, We weave a dead man’s funeral shroud.

About the poet and the title.

About theme/poem.

Poetic style, language features, poetic devices.

Message, values, moral reflected.

Your opinion about the poem.

Section – III :  (Writing Skills)

Q.4 Complete the activities as per the instructions given below : [16]

A) Attempt any one of the following Drafting A Virtual Message :

Write a message which Mohit left for his brother Mohan, with the help of the following information :

Ranjan called up ——— self written story reading competition ——— Occasion ‘National Book Day’ and A.P.J. Abdul Kalam birthday ——— Venue is city library at Churchgate. He will pick him up at 6:00 pm they both will attend the programme together.


Statement of Purpose : (4)

Read the personal details given below and prepare a suitable statement of purpose to develop your career as a librarian in about 120 words.

You have educational background. Your father desires that you should develop your career as a librarian. Essential qualities which are needful to achieve your goal like S.S.C.; H.S.C.; graduation, interest to serve readers as a librarian.


Group Discussion (4)

There is an inter – college hockey match and your college is losing. As you are the captain, have a group discussion with your teammates in the lunch break about the strategy to be followed to save your college from losing the match. Give atleast four/five suggestions in the form of dialogue in an imaginary participants. (4)

B) Attempt any one of the following : (4)

E-mail Writing

Write an email to the editor of the newspaper to raise the complaint about an irregular water supply in your ward/area. Use the following points.

* Request to publish the news

* Real situation of water

* Suggestions

* Write an email to : editor lokmat @


Report Writing

Prepare a report to publish in your college magzine on the ‘Blood Donation

Camp’ with the help of the following points/information. (4)

Date and time of camp —— place of the camp —— number of participants and donors —— inauguration of the camp —— total blood bags collected —— experience of the group.


Interview Questions (4)

As a member of college magazine committee, you are asked to interview the student who won the ‘Student of the Year Award’. Frame 8-10 questions you would ask the student.

C) Choose any ONE of the following : (4)

Today man’s life is competitive, busy and lonely so, it is needful to make his life happy. Write a speech on “Idea of happy life.


Imagine that you are a compere of ‘welcome ceremony for  standard 11th students’ in your college. Write a script for compering the programme

using the following points. (4)

1)  Introduction 2)  Lighting the Lamp

3)  Welcome song 4)  Felicitation of the guests and his speech 5)  Principal’s speech 6)  Vote of thanks


Expand the following idea with the help of the given points in about 100 words :

“Hard work is the key of success.” (4)

D) Choose any ONE of the following : [4]

Write a film review that you have seen recently using the following

points : (4)

1)  Story 2) Characterization 3) Music and Songs 4) Theme

5) Action 6) Special Features 7) Your opinion about the film


Write a blog using proper format on the topic “Pollution” with the help

of the following points : (4)

1) Introduction 2) Causes of pollution 3) Effect of pollution

4) Solutions to prevent 5) Your opinion about pollution


Prepare an appeal to make an awareness among the people to “Prevent

Covid-19 pendamic” with the help of the following points : (4)

1) Title 2) Create awarness 3) Suggest measures to prevent it

4) Sum up it

Section – IV :  (Literature Genre – Novel) [16]

Q.5 A) Complete the activities given below as per the instructions. [4]

A 1) Match the following (2)

i) Conflicta) The background in which the story takes place. ii) Themeb) The course of events that makes up the theme. iii) Settingc) The central idea in the novel. iv) Plotd) The struggle between the opposite forces.

A 2) Fill in the blanks.

i) The two types of conflicts that the plot may have are ——— and ——— .

ii) A novel set in a period earlier than that of the writing is ————————— . iii) The word picareque is originated from the ———————————————— . iv) The  work  of  fiction  that describe the internal life of the protagonist is called

———————————— .

B) Answer the following questions in about 50 words :   (4)

A 1) Describe the half-yearly report of students’ council in the light of the novel ‘To Sir, With Love’.

A 2) Sketch the character of Ricky Braithwaite – in the light of the extract ‘To Sir, With Love’.

C) Answer the following questions in about 50 words :   (4)

A 1) Narrate Fogg’s residence in Saville Row after his return to England in the novel

‘Around The World In Eighty Days’.

A 2) Describe Phileas Fogg’s the surprising achievements at the end of the novel in light of the novel,

‘Around The World In Eighty Days’.

D) Answer the following questions in about 50 words :  (4)

A 1) Illustrate the genre of the novel ‘The Sign of Four’.

A 2) Explain why Miss Morstan came to Sherlock Holmes in the light of the novel ‘The Sign of Four’.

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