Simple,compound,complex sentences-BOARD Examples

 1.(M.2012. )They held a trial. Theycondemned him to death. (Rewrite using ‘which’ )

Ans: They held a trial which condemned him to death.

2.(M.2012. ). Enticingly served, it comes in four vatis. (Make it a compound sentence)

Ans:It is enticingly served and it comes in four vatis.

3.(0.2012. ) The war raged and India Was fighting onboth fronts. (Rewrite beginning with ‘when)

Ans-  When the war raged, India was fighting on both fronts.

 4.(0.2012).  . A musician discovers joy when he manages to express himself in his music.
(Make it simple sentence)

 Ans- A musician discovers joy after managing to express himself in his music.

5.(M.2013. ) This was the cry that would wake me from my slumber two decades ago.
(Make it a simple sentence)

Ans: The cry would wake me from my slumber two decades ago.

6.( M.2013).My wife enters the kitchen to find them scurrying away. (Make it compound sentence)

Ans: My wife enters the kitchen and finds them scurrying away.

7.(0.2013.) I didn’t have a dorm room, so I slept on the floor infriends’ rooms.
(Make it a simple sentence)

Ans: Having no dorm room I slept on the floor in friends’ rooms.

8.(0.2013.)It was Yamuna who first conveyedto us at 5 p.m. (Make it a simple sentence)
 Ans: Yamuna first conveyed to us at 5 p.m.

9.(0.2013). This child wakes up at 5 a.m. and studies for an hour, (Make it a simple sentenc)
Ans-  Waking up at 5 a.m.this child studies for an hour.

10.(M.2014). This time Dell made $ 18,000 and bought an expensive BMW car.
(Make it a simple sentence )

Ans:   Making $ 18,000 this time Dell bought an expensive BMW car.

11.(M.2014). Her husband   is a media personality who typically arriveshome from work past midnight. (Make it a simple sentence.)

Ans: Her husband being a media personality typically arrives home form work pastmidnight.

12.(0.2014) I flung it on the table and set to work again. (Make it a simple sentence)

Ans:Flinging it on the table I set to work again.

13.(M.2015)The milk processing industry is a small one. (Make it a complex sentence.)

Ans:The industry that process milk is a small one.

14.(M.2015) Seeing the hungry market, Dell placed local advertisements.
(Make it a compound sentences)

Ans: Dell saw the hungry market and he placed local advertisements.

15.(0.2015.) The birds arrive at their Winter abode inside the bird sanctuary.
(Make it a complex sentence)

Ans: The birds arrive at their winter abode which is their sanctuary.

16.(F.2016. ). Floods are the most recurrent natural calamity hitting India almost every year.
(Make it a complex sentence.)

Ans: Floods are the most recurrent natural calamitywhich hit India almost every year.

17.(F.2016. ) Hearing the sound of hammering from a side street, Reuben had an idea.
(Rewrite the sentence using ‘and’)
 18.(J.2016. ) He opened the shop’s weathered door and went inside. (Make it simple)
 Ans: Opening the shop’s weathered door he went inside.

19.(F.2017. ) Iwalked straightto the village and bought myself two dozen penny exercise books.
(Make it simple.)

Ans: Walking straight to the village I bought myself two doZenpenny exercise books.

20.(F.2017. )As this material hardens, it becomes sedimentary rock (Make it a compound sentence.)

 Ans:This material hardens and becomes sedimentary rocke 

21.(F.2017. ) They live in different time zones. (Make it a complex 
They live where there are different time zones.

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