Interview Questions

Interview Questions for Principal

 (A) A college in your area is well-known for its innovative academic activities. Imagine you are a newspaper reporter and assigned to take the interview of the Principal. Frame a set of at least 8 questions regarding Teachers’ Motivation, Students’ Discipline, Academic Excellence, Extracurricular Activities, etc.   (4)

  1.   Would you briefly tell us some of the extra curricular activities in your college?
  2. How do you motivate the teachers for doing extra efforts?
  3.  How do you motivate your students?
  4.  What is your next plan
  5.  How is the response of parents?
  6.  What is your message to the new generation?
  7.  What is the role of parents in present education system?
  8.  How do you collect funds for all these activities?

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