HSC BOARD EXAM : examples of Indirect Speech from 1996 to 2018

 M.1996. 1. He would go straight up and ask him if he really knew what he was talking about. (Change into direct speech)

Ans-He would go straightup and ask him, “Do you really know what you are talking about?”

0.1996. 2. “The oracle”, he said, “chose me as the wisest-Athenian.”

Ans: He said that the oracle had chosen him as the wisest Athenian.

M.1997 . 3. “Did you visit the Tower when you were inParis Iast year?” I aksed my friend.
(Change into indirect speech)

Ans-I asked my friend ifhe had visited the Tower when he had been inParis last year. 
0.1997. 4. Doctor said to Meena, “You will have to stay in bed for a week or more.” (Change into indirect speech)

Ans:  Doctor told Meena that she would have to stay inbed for a week ormore.

0.1998. 5. Father said to the teacher, ” Is my son doing well

Ans: Father asked teacher if his son was doing well.

 M.1999. 6. “I bought a new dress yesterday,” said she.

Ans:  She said that she had bought a new dress the day before.

0.1999. 7. “Don’t argue with your father”, Mrs Goel said to her son.

Ans: Mrs Goel told her son not to argue with his father

M.2000. 8. The customs officer said, “1 like the old Parsi.”
Ans: The customs officer said that he liked the old Parsi.

0.2000. 9.  He said, “What a foolish job he has done !.”

Ans: He exclaimed that he had done a very foolish job.

M.2001. 10. “I know Hidden Treasure like my own backyard.” he told the dispatcher.

Ans: He told the dispatcher that he knew Hidden Treasure like his own backyard.

0.2001. 11. The principal said to Rahul, “Obey your teachers.”

 Ans: The principal told Rahul to obey his teachers.

M.2002. 12. “How amazing itis !”, I said.
Ans:  I exclaimed that it was very amazing.

0.2002. 13. He said to her, ‘ You will get a letter tomorrow.”
  He told her that she would get a letter the next day.

M.2003. 14. The   father said to his son, ‘”I shall buy a bicycle for your birthday.”

  The father told his son that he would buy a bicycle for his birthday:

0.2003.   15. I said to him, “I don’t think this case should be taken to the court at all.” (Change into indirect speech)

I told him that I didn’t think that case should be taken to the court at all.

M.2004. 16. “Have you finished the job, David ?” asked John.

 Ans: John asked David if he had finished the job,

0.2004, 17, Mohan said, “l am hungry, I want something to eat,”
Mohan said that he was hungry and he wanted something to eat.

2005. 18. “Are you her husband?” I said to the man.
Ans: I asked the man if he was her husband.

0.2005. 19. “Do you wish to open an account?” The clerk said to the man.
Ans: The clerk asked the man if he wished to open an account.

M.2006.  20. “What do you want ?”, he said to her.
He asked her what she wanted.

0.2006. 21. “How will the confession made before me avail you.”,l said to him.
  (Change into indirect speech)

Ans: I asked him how the confession made before me would avail him.

0.2006. 22. “You have wronged not me but GovernmenV’, I replied gently.

Ans: I replied gently that he had wronged not me but Government.

M.2007. 23. “Dear students, how did you enjoy your trip?”, said the teacher.

Ans: The teacher asked students how they had enjoyed their trip.

M.2007. 24. His friend said to him, “Please wait here for me till I return.”

Ans: His friend requested him to wait there for him till he retumed.

M.2007. 25. Sachin said to Sarika, “Will you dance with me?”

Sachin asked Sarika if she would dance with him.

 M.2007. 26. Ravi asked Meena what her favourite game was.

Ans: Ravi asked Meena, “What is your favourite game?”

0.2007. 27. Manish said to Manisha, “How are you?”

 Ans: Manish asked Manisha how she was.

0.2007. 28. The customs officer said, “1 like the old Parsi.”

Ans: The customs officer said that he liked the old Parsi.

M.2008.  29. The doctor said, “I have given an injection and it will make you sleep”  (Change into indirect speech)

Ans: The doctor said that he had given an injection and it would make him/her sleep.

0.2008. 30. “Who are you and what are you doing here?”, She aksed him. “I am a painter and I’m drawing pictures on my pitcher”, he said. (Change into indirect speech)
  She asked him who he was and what he was doing there. Thereupon he replied thathe was a painter and he was drawing pictures on his pitcher.

M.2009. 31. “I did not come to college, yesterday.” Lata said to the teacher.
(Change into indirect speech)

  Lata told the teacher that she had not gone to college the previous day.

0.2009. 32. ‘Brush your teeth and gargle with a moutwash after every meal.’ said the dentisttC Meena. ‘I will make it my habit,’ said Meena. (Change into reported speech)

Ans: The dentist advised Meena to brush her teeth and gargle with a mouthwash after every meal. Thereupon Meena assured the dentist that she would make it her habit.

 M.2010. 33. “Something is burning”, said the man. “Can you smell it, Vinay?”  (Change into indirect speech)

Ans: The man said that something was burning and asked Vinay if he could smell it.

0.2010. 34. “Where did you find your lost ring, Neha?” said Saniya.

Saniya asked Neha where she had found her lost ring.

M.2011. 35. “Father”, he said, “Tell me honestly. Do you think I can ever be a doctor?” (Change into indirect speech)

Ans: He asked his father to tell him honestly if he thought he could ever be a doctor.

Magic English Grammer-XII 65 PLpn
M.2011. 36. Thevioletsaid, “What anunfortunatefloweramlamongtheseflowers!” (Change into indirect speech)

 The violet exclaimed that she was an unfortunatefloweramong those flowers.
 37. “What are we going to do about that bloody eagle?”, he asked Carter.
(Change into indirect speech)
 He asked Carter what they were going to do about that bloody eagle.

0.2011. 38. “How did you prepare for yourexam?” asked the teacher. “I practised writing of answers to the key questions”, said Ruby. (Change it into indirect speech)

 The teacher asked Ruby how she had prepared forherexam. Thereupon Ruby answered that she had practised writing of answers to the key questions.

M.2012. 39. “Would you like to come with us to a service in the Maori Church?” asked my hostess. “Indeed, I would”, I replied.

My hostess asked me if I would like to go with them to a service in the Maori Church. Thereupon I replied that I would like to go.

0.2012. 40. The teacher took him to task : “Why don’t you ply your books with more care?” He replied: “My interests aren’t confined to books alone.”

Ans-  The teacher took him to task and asked why he didn’t ply his books with more care. Thereupon he replied that his interests weren’t confined to books alone.

M.2013. 41. “What do you want?” he said to her. “Give me a glass of water,” said she.
(Change it into indirect speech)

He asked her what she wanted.Thereupon she requested him to éve her a glass of water.

0.2013. 42. I asked Granny “Why do these snakes have to löse their skin?”

 I asked Granny why those snakes had to lose their skin.

M.2014. 43. I whispered to him hesitantly, “Could you stay here for a day ?” Gandhiji said, “Itis very difficult.”

 Whispering hesitantly I asked Gandhiji if he could stay there for a day. There upon Gandhiji replied that it was very difficult.

0.2014. 44. “Why did you throw itaway said the fathertohisson.
“1 didn’t like it”, said the son. (Change it into Indirect speech)

 The father asked his son why he had thrown it away. Thereupon the sonreplied thathe didn’t liked it.

M.2015. 45. “How did you enjoy yourcollege picnic?” Said Mohini toMeena.

“It was wonderful. I can never forget it.” (Change it into indirect speech)

 Mohini asked Meena how she had enjoyed her college picnic. Ihereupon, Meena replied that, that was wonderful and she could never forget it.

0.2015. 46. “Boys”, said the tutor, “sit on the benches. I have got s  omething interesting for you.” (Change it into indirect narration.)

The tutor told the boys to sit on the benches and added that he had got something interesting for them.

F.2016. 47. Change the following into indirect speech:
Mother said, “Sunita, what did you buy from the market
She said, “I bought a dictionary.”

Ans; Mother asked Sunita what she had bought from the market. Thereupon she replied tha she had bought a dictionary.

J.2016. 48. Teacher : “How far is your home from your college ?”
Rupali : More than 2 km Sir. (Change into Indirect narration)

Teacher thatit was asked moreRupali than how 2 km.far herhome wasfromber college. Rupalirespectfully replie

F.2017. 49. “Where and are you I’m going?” he”asked. “Pune, Sir, my husband is starting a company called infosys I am shifting to Pune
Ans: He asked me where I was going. I respectfully told him that I was going to pune.

 further told him that my husband was starting a company called Infosys and I Vas shifting to Pune.

M.2018.50. Why Are you crying said the woman to little boy .I want a balloon he said
Ans- the woman asked the little boy why he was crying .Thereupon he replied that he wanted balloon

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