1.The difficulty of a simple statement staggered me.
(Begin your sentence with ‘I was…)

  Answer-I was staggered by the difficulty of a simple statement.

 2.I dried it in the kitchen oven.
 (Change the voice)

Answer- It was dried in the kitchen oven.

3.Greed took over their minds. (Change the voice)

Answer-Their minds were taken over by greed.

 4)I was laughed at. (Change the voice)

  Ans: They laughed at me.

5. I have recounted the story umpteen times.

Ans.• The story has been recounted by me umpteen times.

6. The judgement of these ten was accepted as final by the offender.
  (Change the voice)

Ans : The offender accepted the judgement of these ten as final.

7. Our leaders have given us the message of patriotism and self-government. (Change the voice)

Ans : We have been given the message ofpatriotism and self-govemment by our leaders.

8. Farmers carry celephones. (Change the voice)
Ans :Celephones are carried by fårmers.

9. We need many such organizations. (Change the voice)

Ans. Many such organizations are needed by us.

10. They would generate extra demand in the market.(Changethevoice)
 Ans : Extra demand would be generated in the market (by them)

11. Dell gave the customers money back guarantees. (Begin your sentence with ‘Money back guarantees

Ans. Money back guarantees were given to the customers by Dell.

12. The things haunted me. (Begin your sentence with ‘I’)
Ans. I was haunted by the things.

13, The novel was chosen by the Book Society. (Begin your sentence with ‘The Book Society

Ans. The Book Society chose the novel.

14. He stunned everybody. (Change the voice)
Ans. Everybody was stunned by him.

15. He was adored by his teacher
(Begin your sentence with ‘His teachers’)
Ans. His teachers adored him.

16. I loved her. (Begin your sentence with ” She  Ans. She was loved by me.

17. I pay tribute to you. (Change the voice) Ans. Tribute is paid to you by me.

18. Religious ceremony was attended by nearly two lakh people.
(Change the.voice)

Ahs. Nearly two lakh people attended the religious ceremony.

19. An equal amount was announced as compensation by the organiz ers. (Change the voice)
Ans. The organizers mnounced an equal amount as compensation.

20. She cooks all the meals. (Change the voice)
Ans. All the meals are cooked by her.

21. Watershed development was adopted to fight the acute water crisis. (Begin yoursentence with ‘They

Ans. They adopted watershed development to fight the acute water 

22. Sheku racked his brain. (Begin your sentence with His brain  )

Ans. His brain was rackedby Sheku.

23. We Maharashtrions love him. (Begin your sentence with ‘He • •  )
Ans. He is lovedby we Maharashtrians.

24. You have given us the message. (change the voice)
Ans. The message has been given to us by you.

 25. This prayer has been taught to us by Dnyaneshwar. (Begin your sentence with’ Dnyaneshwar.. .. . . ‘)
 Ans. Dnyaneshwar has taught to us this prayer.

26) our leaders have given us the message of patriotism.
(Begin the sentence with ‘The message of ism

The message of patriotism has been
given to us by our leaders

27.My team and I read the original versions of Indian scriptures.
(Bgin your sentence with ‘The original versions of–‘)
Ans- The original version of Indian scriptures were read by me and my team.

29. We observe Earth Day on 22 April. (Change the voice)
Ans. Earth Day on 22 April is observed by us.
“30. Let’s protect our planet. (Change the Voice)
Ans. Let our planet be protected by us.

31. Will you do something this EarthDay? (ChangeVoice)
 Ans. Will something be done by you this Earth Day?

 32. Start a waste segregation system. (Change the Voice)
Ans. Let a waste segregation system be started. 
33. Cut out plastic. (Begin your sentence withLet)
Ans. Let plastic be cut out.

34. Use kitchen water for plants. (Change the Voice)

 Ans. Let kitchen water be used for plants.

35. Ask them to stop the dumping of organic garbage.
(Begin yoursentence witn ‘Let they

Ans. Let they be asked to stop the dumping of organic garbage.

36. Ask them to start harvesting water on roof tops.
Ans. Let they be asked to stan harvesting water on roof tops.

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