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 १.विधानार्थी वाक्याला Tag  जोडतात. २. वाक्य लिहावे, त्यानंतर comma द्यावा. ३. वाक्य Negative असल्यास tag होकारार्थी व Affirmative असल्यास tag नकारार्थी म्ह्णजे स.क्रि. ला n’t जोडावा. ४. Tag स. क्रियापद व सर्वनामरुपी कर्ता मिळून बनतो. ५ शेवटी प्रश्नार्थक चिन्ह वापरावे

1. You are already late.

You are already late, aren’t you?

2. I am quite tired.

I am quite tired,aren’t I?

3. My mother would lift me up.

My mother would lift me up,wouldn’t she?

4. It is not fashionable to stay at home these days.

It is not fashionable to stay at home these days,is it?

5. You haven’t met before.

You haven’t met before,have you?

6. You are Mohan’s brother.

You are Mohan’s brother,aren’t you?

7. You live next door.

You live next door,don’t you?

8. You are not leaving.

You are not leaving,are you?

9. You will come again.

You will come again,won’t you?

10 Stop the discussion.

Stop the discussion,will you?

11.Let us play cricket.

Let us play cricket,shall we?

12. Somebody has called.

Somebody has called,haven’t they?

13. Nobody was present there.

Nobody was present there,were they?

14. Everything is ready.

Everything is ready,isn’t it?

15. This is a beautiful flower.

This is a beautiful flower,isn’t it?

16. These are ripe mangoes.

These are ripe mangoes,aren’t they?

17. The work of building is not easy.

The work of building is not easy,is it?

18. There was no way.

There was no way,was there?

19. Mala did not answer.

Mala did not answer,did she?

20. I get some time to sit back and relax.

I get some time to sit back and relax,don’t I?
21. Let us play.
Let us play, shall we?
22.Disability is a state of mind.
Disability is a state of mind,isn’t it?
23. Ramesh speaks English.
Ramesh speaks English,doesn’t he?
24. I looked at the town hall clock.
I looked at the town hall clock, didn’t I?

I am .. aren’t I?                        Mahesh had.. hadn’t he?

We are .. aren’t we?               Smita can.. can’t she?

You are .. aren’t you?             Students would.. wouldn’t they?

He is .. isn’t he?                     Children have.. haven’t they?

It is .. isn’t it?                         She could.. couldn’t she?

I will .. won’t I?                     We should not.. should we?

She was .. wasn’t she?             He does not.. does he?

You were.. weren’t you?        She writes.. doesn’t she?

He has .. hasn’t he?                He wrote.. didn’t he?

This is.. isn’t it?                     They write.. don’t they?

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