Interview Questions

Interview some important personality

 13. Imagine you are going to interview some important per sonality. Prepare a set of 8 -10 questions focussing on his / her social behavior and the activities he / she carries out.

Welcome sir,
good morning,
very glad to meet you. As planned before. I would like to ask you some questions. I hope you would co-operative.

1. How did you become a social worker ?

2. Who inspired you in your life ?

3. Who is your icon in this field ?

4. What problems and difficulties do you face ?

5.Who helped you to overcome problems ?

6. Which activities will you carry on in future ?

7. What are your achievements ?

8. To whom would you dedicate your success ?

9. How would you inspire the young students ?

10. What is your message to young generation of India ?

 Thank you, sir, for sharing your thoughts and experiences. 

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