Interview Questions

Interview questions for sports person

 (A) Framing Questions :

On the occasion of ‘Annual Sports Prize Distribution’ programme a well-known sports personality is invited in your college as a chief guest. As a sports secretary you have got an opportunity to interview him/her. Frame a set of 8-10 questions regarding his/her achievements, inspirations, best moment and prizes he/she has won. (4)

1) Sir, congratulation on your success in the field of cricket . how do you feel about your success ?

2) How you come in this field?

3) tell us about your experiences at the initial stage .

4) what problems do you face at the beginning?

5) you recently complete your 50th century in One Day what was your reaction at that moment ?

6) what is your idea of success ?

7) what message would you like to give for younger generation who want to come in the field of cricket?

8) what is your next plan?

 9) one last question why you chose cricket and not any other Indian games?

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.

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