Interview Questions

Ideal interview questions asking for any person

 Interview questions

  1. Who inspire you to come in this field?
  2. what is your teenage years like?
  3. Who inspire you to come in this field?
  4. What problems and difficulties you face at the beginning?
  5. What is your ambition?
  6. What is your aim in life?
  7. Who is your inspiration?
  8. Who is your idol?
  9. Did your family support you in this work?
  10. Who is your role model?
  11. What is your next plan?
  12. Which are the most common ?problems today people face?
  13. Do you have any hero who inspire you?
  14. What is your advice for future generation?
  15. Say something about youths?
  16. What is your message to the next generation?
  17. What is your message to the parents?
  18. What do you like to suggest the beginners?
  19. What message do you want to give for the next generation?
  20. Tell the people the importance of hardwork for being successful?
  21. What is your concept of ideal person?
  22. What is your idea of success?
  23. What qualities are essential for being a successful person?
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These are the general questions for preparing interview questions change the questions according to the subject and according to the person.

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