Drafting a virtual message

 Drafting a virtual message 


You receive a telephone call from your mother’s office when she is not at home. You have the following conversation with the speaker. But you have to go for your tuition class. So you leave a message for your mother. Write the message within 50 words using the information given below. Do not add any new information.

Ambuj: Hello!

Mr Rastogi: Hello! May I speak to Ms Dixit, please? I am Naresh Rastogi from the office.

Ambuj: Mom’s not at home right now.

Mr Rastogi: In that case can you give her a message? It is urgent. Please tell her that the meeting fixed for tomorrow has been rescheduled. Ask her to check her mail as soon as possible for the details. Please don’t forget to inform her.

Ambuj: Don’t worry, I will tell her as soon as she returns. 14 Feb 3:30 pm

Answer 👇👇


Mr Rastogi from the office called up to say that the meeting fixed for tomorrow has been rescheduled. He wants you to check your mail as soon as possible for the details. He said it was urgent.


Example for practice 👇👇

Read the following conversation between sakshi and Mr. Patil.

Sakshi :Hello, may I speak to Ramesh, Please? 

Mr. Patil :Ramesh is getting ready ready for school May I know who is speaking?

Sakshi: My name is Sakshi. I am Ramesh’s classmate.

Mr. Patil :Hello, Sakshi. I am Ramesh’s father. Is there any message?

Sakshi:Yes, Please ask him to bring his Maths note book to school today. I was absent from school due to illness. I would like to see the note which our maths teacher gave to the class during my absence. 

Mr. Patil: I will definitely do that.

 Science Mr. Patil had to go for his morning walk he left a message for Ramesh. draft that message in 50 words.

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