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Appreciation of poem Upon Westminster bridge class 11th

 Appreciation of poem Upon Westminster bridge class 11th

•About the poem, poet and title

The poem is written by William Wordsworth. The title of the poem is ‘Upon westminster bridge.

•Theme –

Nature poet Wordsworth was highly fascinated by the gorgeous beauty of London city during early morning sunrise taking a pause on the bridge while crossing Thames river, he began to girdle the enormous beauty of the city and it’s stunning silence in the early morning. He convincingly states that at this point of the day mingles with nature as a part of it. It’s his conviction that one has to be amused by reverence marvelling towards the supreme beauty of the city before him. The poet is enamoured by the grandeur of the different land marks of the London which are visible from the bridge. The poet is in bliss to find peace in the vibrant city in the wee ours of the day.

Appreciation of poem Nose versus eyes class 11th 1. About the poem, poet and title The poet William Cowper is famous for his satirical work. The poem ‘Nose versus Eyes’ is such a one gently humorous poem. It pokes fun at some absurd decisions arrived at in jurisprudence when the law is applied without human discretion and thought. The nose and eyes are sensory organs that symbolise human behaviour. 2. Theme-• Poetic style, language, poetic devices used in the poem –

•Rhyme scheme- abba abba cdc dvd

•Special features –

The poem is petrarchan sonnet, and it’s divided  into two parts.

A. An octave – first 8 lines 

B. A sestet – The second part – 6 lines

Message/values/morals in the poem-

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, everyone should be generous enough to appreciate others’ qualities. Everyone must imbibe the qualities of patience and tolerance from the nature.

Your opinion about the poem –

It is an excellent poem that made me a keen explorer of the nature. The nature’s beauty must not be marred by development made by man.

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