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Speech writing -Trees are our best friends.



Pollution is a big problem nowadays. We are the witness to air pollution and water pollution. Who aren’t responsible for this ? We all are polluting air and water. Emission from vehicles, industrial waste, burning of garbage and use of chemicals  are the major causes of pollution. The pollution is hazardous to human being and animals. It leads to severe diseases. 
 Some of these can not be removed but repaired. Trees play a vital role in stopping the pollution. Trees absorb the emissary and harmful gases and keep the air clean. So the more trees, the less pollution. We should begin stopping the felling of trees and wildfire. At same time we should plant trees. It’s not a job of government and NGOS only. Every individual has to plant the trees and save the trees. To make the awareness among the people, we should observe vanmahotsav.  Through such celebration we should stress the importance of trees. Trees are the only source we have for our requirements of oxygen. We breath because of trees. Trees absorb what we exhale. Trees release what we need to inhale. So we should accept and believe that no trees no life.  Our every celebration should begin with planting trees. 
Trees are our best friends. 

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