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Speech : Role of a Teacher

 Your school has decided to celebrate “Teacher’s Day” Draft a speech with the help of following points. You may add your own points.

Respected Principal, honourable chief guest, adorable teachers and loving friends,
Today are gathered here to celebrate Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s birth anniversary as teachers day.
Paying tribute to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan I would like to speak the role of a teacher in shaping the child . In school and college the teacher plays multiple roles. She plays different roles such as friend, philosopher and guide. She treats children as a friend to boost their confidence. She shows them the right path of life and guide them to take the decision.
She plays the role of facilitator and motivator. She makes the lesson easy and motivates students to to get success. She becomes the role model for many students. Her work is not limited to teaching. She has to design a curriculum. While teaching she has to perform and becomes actor, mentor and leader.  On certain occasions students are in need of mentor. Here the teacher extends helping hand. To inculcate the leadership qualities among students, teacher plays a role leader and takes her students to the target. She plays the role of a planner. When students find difficult situations either in study or in personal life, the teacher becomes a counselor for them. In this modern age of technology the teacher becomes technosavy. Assesment is the part and parcel of students’ life. Every now and then she plays the role of assessor by assessing students through exams , tests and assignments. 

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