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Village Life: Advantages and Disadvantages

In India the largest population lives in villages. The life in villages is tough but not rough. Along with advantages of village life we will discuss some disadvantages.  Let’s begin with disadvantages. The roads in villages are very bad. In rainy season they becomes worst. Transportation remains at halt.   There is no regular power supply and water. People in villages face many difficulties due irregular power. They have to fetch water from wells on heads. They fail to irrigate their forms at proper time. Network is another issue at village. Connectivity gets lost frequently. Rate of illiteracy is increasing in villages. Some villages have no schools at all. Children have to go to nearby village for schooling. This gives vent to dropout and turns into illiteracy. Blind beliefs, superstition mars the village life. 
Though there are some disadvantages of village life there are certain advantages. Villages are industry free means pollution free. We get fresh air there. Breathing is smooth. The life in villages is beautiful. The surrounding is green and natural. Living in such places makes people healthy. People in villages are healthy. They live in peaceful environment. They live in hormony. They help each other in their everyday work. They enjoy together. They suffer together.Life in villages is co-operative. Gandhiji rightly said,”Turn to village.”

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