Oral Test : Speaking

Evaluating Speaking skills

 While evaluating students for oral test, the major concern is speaking skills. Many students stagger here. When topic is given students keep mum. As a teacher we have to facilitate the situation by giving some hints. Here is some topics and their hints. By asking questions we can make them speak. 

Topic : Helping mother in kitchen father on farm / garder
Do you like to help your mother in Kitchen?
what kind of help? / why don’t you ? 
How do you help your mother ?
Does she get angry with you?
How do you feel ?
what dish is your mother’s favourite ?
Can you make that?

Road Accidents.

1. Why do you  think road accidents occur? 

OR what are the causes of road accidents ?
2. What can be done to avoid  accidents?
3. Tell about any accidents you witness?
4. What are the losses in  accidents?
5. Who are mostly responsible for accidents ?

Tree Plantation:

1. Why should we plant trees?
2. What do trees give us ? 
3. What can we get from trees without cutting ?
4  Describe trees as our friend? 
5. What will you do to bring awareness among people ? 

Enjoying seasons

 1. Which season do you like most?
2. Why do you like that? 
3. What are the features of that Season?
4 How do you enjoy that season ? 
5. What farming activities are done in that season ? 

Problems of the Aged 

1. Whal problems do the aged men have ?
2. What kind of help you can give?
3. How can they be helpful to you?
4. What measurs  should be taken to solve their problems?

Effects of mobiles 

1. What are the uses of mobile ? 
2. What are the evil effects of mobiles?
3. Do we use mobile phones while riding ? why?
4. How does mobile help you in your study ? 

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