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Losing Belly Fat: 6 Fruits for Your Diet

Lose belly fat and still satisfy the “sweet craving” Fruits are a healthy addition to any diet program and are a much better solution to the “sugar” craving that most dieters get from time to time. Some fruits, however, are a better pick than others both for health benefits and calorie count.

1) Blueberries

Losing Belly Fat: 6 Fruits for Your Diet

83 calories in one cup. Blueberries are rich in vitamins (A, B complex, C, and E) and minerals such as zinc, copper (good for the immune system) and iron (which increases the hemoglobin and oxygen in blood). Blueberries also contain anti-oxidants, which will benefit the skin and immune system. When buying blueberries, make sure the berries move freely in the container. They should not be soft or stuck together, as this could mean that they are overripe or moldy.

2) Kiwis

Losing Belly Fat: 6 Fruits for Your Diet

46 calories in one medium kiwi (after skin is removed). This attractive green fruit is full of vitamin C, which helps in the absorption of iron. This is of particular benefit to iron- deficient women.
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3) Bananas

Losing Belly Fat: 6 Fruits for Your Diet

105 calories for one medium banana. Bananas are a great source of potassium, a mineral often depleted by such medicines as blood pressure medications. Muscle cramps are often caused by a lack of potassium, and one or two bananas a day will combat this problem by providing that much-needed potassium. This fruit also contains resistant starch which the body digests more slowly, thus keeping blood sugar stable and keeping those hunger pains at bay longer. It is best to buy and eat bananas when they are firmer, with just a touch of green – the riper the banana, the more the starch has converted to sugar, therefore increasing the calorie count.

4) Raspberries

Losing Belly Fat: 6 Fruits for Your Diet

64 calories per cup. A great source of fiber, raspberries actually contain more fiber than four slices of whole grain bread, with a lot fewer calories. These berries are only about one calorie each, which makes calorie counting a breeze. Eat them by themselves or add them as a sweet topping to your salad.

5) Watermelon

Losing Belly Fat: 6 Fruits for Your Diet

Your best friend for losing weight – watermelon – is the fruit you need during the summer to lose all those extra pounds you have been trying to lose. Even though watermelons are naturally low in sugar, their water content acts like a natural alcoholic. The sugar content of natural fruits also stimulates your palette and restricts your appetite, especially for those with good teeth. And not only this, the content of lipid and water in watermelons, and it prevents the accumulation of fat in various parts of the body.

6) Apples

Losing Belly Fat: 6 Fruits for Your Diet

95 calories for a medium apple. Apples are a great source of fiber but most of this fiber is in the skin so don’t peel it. The fiber will keep you feeling fuller longer. Remember the age-old adage: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This fruit also makes a wonderful salad topping and adds great flavor to dishes such as pork roast.

When purchasing fruits, fresh is best. Canned varieties usually contain a lot of fattening, sugary syrup, a detriment to anyone trying to lose weight. Frozen fruit is a good alternative in the off-season but be sure the packages are marked as “unsweetened”. Berries go bad fast so be sure to store berries in the refrigerator for a longer life. Reap the benefits of all these fruits by mixing up a fresh fruit salad today.

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