Q.1 (A) Choose the correct alternative and rewrite the statement.

1. Vasco da Gama was a seafarer from

(a) Poland

(b) England

(c) France

(d) Portugal

Ans. (a) Poland

2. The license was given by England to the East India Company to trade with the eastern countries by

(a) Sir George Oxenden

(b) Queen Elizabeth

(C) Princess Braganza

(d) Homer

Ans. (b) Queen Elizabeth

(B) Find the incorrect pair from group ‘B’, and write the corrected one.

(B) Find the incorrect pair from group 'B', and write the corrected one.

Ans. Arcebispo – Archbishop

Q.2 Complete the concept map.

Q.2 Complete the concept map.

Ans. 1) Worli 2)Mahim 3)Parel 4)Sion

Q.3 Explain the following statements with reasons.
1. The Indian rulers had to obtain cartaz. Ans. The Cartaz was a license issued by the Portuguese to the Indian rulers for sailing on the Indian Ocean when they established firm control on the Indian Ocean. It usually carried details like the name of the vessel (ship), the name of the captain of the ship, port of departure and arrival, the list of weapons on the ship loaded for the purpose of self-defence etc.
2. Indian rulers found it difficult to fight the Portuguese.
Ans. The Portuguese established a strong navy. They used to launch sudden attacks on their enemies territory from the sea and wreck it completely. The Indian rulers could not match the Portuguese in their war tactics. Later when they established their firm control on the Indian Ocean it became necessary for the Indians to get a license from them for sailing on the Indian Ocean.
Q.4 Answer the following questions in detail.

1. Which are the places where the Portuguese established their colonies?

Ans. By 1608, the Portuguese had established their colonies on the western coast of India at Diu, Daman, Chaul, Goa (including Sashti and Bardesh). Honnavar, Gangoli, Basrur, Mangalore, Kannur, Kodungallur, Kochi and Kollam. Similarly, on the eastern coast they had trader colonies at Nagapattinam, Mylapore or Sao Tome/San Thom and Hugli in Bengal. This stretch of the Portuguese empire had its capital at Goa.
2. What were the rights given to United East India Company by the Dutch government?

Ans. The Dutch Government issued a license to the company to conduct trading with the eastern countries. The same license permitted them to appoint staff, to establish factories, build forts, engage in battles against the eastern countries and also sign treaties with them. Accordingly, the company appointed a Governor General to take care of Indian affairs.

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