Top 10 Photo Editing app 2021 for Android devices

 We all love photography but now a day after clicking a good picture we also required to edit it in a best way. Because it’s gives an impressive look and quality to our photos. So here I have a list of top 10 photo editing app of 2021 for android devices.

Why Photo Editing is required?

We are editing our photos because we all want to give an attractive look to our photos. Now a day every photo editing app has a different different kind of filter that gives to beautiful coloured look to your photos.

Sometimes we taken a picture in lower light, so we use this kind of apps for removing darkness of photos or improving brightness of photos. Some apps have also face editing features that’s helps you to improve you face looks in photos. So, there are many reasons for editing photos.

Let’s have a look of some top 10 apps that are available on Google Play Store for photo editing.

Note: This list isn’t arranged in order of preference; it’s a compilation of the best photo editing apps for Android. You’re advised to choose one as per your needs.

1. PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker.

With over 500 +million downloads, PicsArt is one of the most popular photo editing apps out there in 2021. The reason PicsArt is such a stand-out is due to the sheer number of options you have for customizing your photos. It comes with a built-in camera feature and a social network for sharing photos.

Other features include collage making, drawing, frames, stickers, and more. Although the app is available for free with some in-app purchases, you have to deal with ads.

2.Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor is a long time member of this list and there are many blogs and lists that list Fotor as a must have option. We agree. It’s has a lot more actual editing tools than most and includes the ability to enhance photos with a one-tap tool for your convenience. Some of the other tools include crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, vignetting, shadow, highlights, temperature, tint, RGB, and, if those aren’t working, there are over 100 filters for you to choose from. It’s definitely worth a shot. The only downside is that the app makes you log in to use it and it’s one of the more expensive photo editor apps.


Pixlr by AutoDesk, also known as Pixlr Express, is a powerful photo editor and one that our readers have recommended to us time and time again. It has one of the best one-touch enhance tools that we’ve seen and it also includes a ton of other features and tools that you can use. There are also filters, although it cleverly disguises them as “overlays” and also includes cosmetic editing tools like blemish removers and teeth whiteners. It one of the better photo editor apps with a little something for everybody.


Snapseed is definitely among the best photo editor apps. Google bought this a few years ago. The app has grown into quite a powerful photo editor in this space. It has support for RAW photos which will please photographers greatly. You can also tune the image using a variety of sliders and one-touch enhance tools. There are also some filters as well if you’re into that. It’s deceptively light and simple for how powerful it is. The app is also one of the rare free photo editor apps with no ads or in-app purchases. This is the one we’d recommend first, followed by the Adobe apps and then everything else. However, this app also hasn’t had an update since 2018 so we’re not sure if this is in active development anymore.

5.Photoshop Express

The first one on our list is Photoshop Express, one of the best photo editing apps for Android. Its simple interface and features are surely one of the best photo apps(if not the best photo app for android users). It has all the basic features (like cropping, rotating, flipping photos, and resizing the image) and more. It’s easy to use and free to download. Some of the features are accessible only if you sign in with an Adobe ID.


Adobe Lightroom remains an industry standard for professional photographers and the mobile version is much the same. You’ll find no stickers, animations or emoji here, but you will get fine grain control over your image and the same set of tools you’d find in Lightroom on desktop. It’s the app I use the most to edit my own images on my iPhone and iPad, not least because the images sync in the cloud, letting me start on one device, and continue on another. 


A personal favourite and probably the most convenient (free) app that you will find. It’s easy to adjust to and learn how to use and gives you plenty of room for creativity with amazing image adjustment tools. On top of being a photo editing tool, it is also a camera app and a photo sharing platform.

8.YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is another best Android app to edit photos. It also has a clean UI and all the tools are easily accessible. You will find all sorts of effects like portraits, galaxy, food, scenery, and many more. I also tried the InstaFit tool for the Instagram post, which was working as expected.

Although I was disappointed with the Removal tool which was supposed to remove background object failed most of the time. For reference, you can compare the YouCam’s screenshot with Snapseed’s screenshot.

9.Toolwiz Photos-Pro Editor

Toolwiz Photos is a gorgeous all-in-one PRO photo editor that provides 200+ powerful tools. You can add filters, swap faces, adjust saturation, and even create fun collages.

This free Android app is blessed with an elegant and minimalist interface. Its features and ease of use make it one of the best photo editing apps for Android.

10.Google Photos

Google Photos is one of Google’s best all-around apps. It has amazing photo backup tools, but also really good photo editing. Tap the edit icon on any photo and you’ll get a bunch of filters and sliders to fine tune the look of your photo. Google Photos can be your one-stop-shop for everything photography

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