Chapter 4 Application of derivatives

 HSC Class 12th : Mathematics and Statics exercise solution of application of derivative free pdf downloaded as a simple method 

Hello everyone in this post I am going to provide you exerise solution of application of derivative in free of cost . I already uploaded solution of all the chapters i.e.mathematical logic etc if you haven’t downloaded those solution then check other post of our website and download those in free of cost .

These solution are based on the latest new syllabus of 2020.There are total 18 chapters are uploaded. 

Scroll down to download the exercise solutions

▶️ (Application of derivatives)Exercise 4.1

▶️(Application of derivatives)Exercise 4.2

▶️(Application of derivatives)Exercise 4.3

▶️(Application of derivatives) Exercise 4.4

▶️ miscellaneous

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