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5 Best Exercises Tip To Burn Belly Fat

How to Burn Lower Belly Fat??? Is this your question?? Stop worrying, Follow this 30 minutes workout plan at home …


5 Best Exercises Tip To Burn Belly Fat

The Best belly fat burn exercise


A.Scissors for wonderful abs:


A.Lie flat on a yoga/gym mat with your back, Ensure both the elbows are bent and placed under your head for better grip or place your hands flat and both the palms are pressing the floor for better grip and position

B.Raise both the legs at a time towards the ceiling 90 degree pose

C.Keep your back position strong, slowly lower your left leg to the ground, ensure your leg doesn’t rest on floor, It should be 2-3 Inch above the floor.

D.Slowly raise your left leg up, lower your right leg down.

E.Continue this 15-20 counts for each leg, Rest for 20 seconds, Repeat 4 Sets.

F.After a week once you have better practise increase more of counts.

G.To notice visible results every 15 days keep a track of your body weight, fat percentage.


B.Leg Raise Workouts:


Leg Raise Workouts

Abdominal muscles easily stores fat, these parts of the body fat doesn’t burn easily by lifting weight. To avoid unnecessary pain workout in right way which ends up with happy results.

There are different types of leg raise workout

  1. Single Leg Raise
  2. Both Leg Raise / Double Leg Raise
  3. Both Chin Up Bar / Hanging Leg Raise


Leg raise workout tones your stomach with perfect shape and helps to you increase stamina/agility and strength.

Here I explain each one of the workout below.

Follow the instructions mentioned below and picture to know about the proper position.

1.Single Leg Raise:  


.Single Leg Raise

Its very simple all you require is two things, Firstly your dedication and strong commitment with “Never Ever Give Up Attitude”, Secondly a yoga mat or a flat bench.

Lie flat with your back ensure both the hands are placed below your hips or at the sides for better grip and legs are extended with facing forward

Lift either one of your leg at a time to the position of 90 degree from the floor hold it for 1 second, Now slowly lower your one leg down and lift other leg to the same position.

Do this for 15-20 Repetitions 4 sets, Rest for 30 seconds after each sets

Before starting the workout Take your before picture ,Follow this workout for a month compare yourself with after picture.

This workout is easy for beginners to start as this required only minimal strength to be applied as your lifting one leg at a time.


2.Double Leg Raise:


2.Double Leg Raise:

It helps to burn more fat as you apply more energy to lift both the leg, more of stamina is required at initial, Later this helps you to gain more vitality. The procedure is same as above mentioned, All you have to do is

Lie flat on gym mat, Keep your both hands close to your rib cage or below your hip for better grip and extend your leg.

Lift both the legs at a time  to the position of 90 degree from the floor hold it for a second and slowly come back to rest postion, Repeat this procedure for 15-20 Repetitions 4 sets, Rest for 30 seconds after each set.

Personally this workout helped me a lot to reduce my lower belly fat, I have reduced 3.5 kg’s in a month, fat percentage reduced from 13.5% to 10.5%.


3. Chin up bar / Hanging leg raise


Chin up bar / Hanging leg raise

Firstly hold the chin-up bar or pull-up bar for medium grip or wide grip, make sure your hands or arms are straight and feet off the ground

Raise your legs to 90 degree which gives you a position of 12.15AM, Apply the whole pressure from lower abs to lift your legs and hold the position for a second.

Slowly go back to the position which you were into.

Repeat this abdominal exercise for 4 sets with 10-15 Repetitions.

Once when you are used to this particular exercise, go with little advanced by holding weight plate or dumbbell with your feet, ensure you hold a less weight or medium weight, Avoid not to use heavy weight for this workout which might end up  with “Hernia” is a condition in which part of an organ is displaced.

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