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2.2 Indian Weavers


2.2 Indian Weavers : Activities

Read the extract and do all the activities.
A1 Complete the table showing weavers’ routine.

At break of day  —— For new born child
————– Marriage veils.  —————

————— shroud For a dead man’s Funeral

A2. Show the association between the three stages of day and life.
A3 State how parents feel at the time their daughter’s marriage.
A4. Point out the rhyming words and rhyme scheme of the poem.
A5. Create 4 poetic lines on weaving a uniform.
Answers :

At break of day  Robes  For new born child
At fall of night  Marriage veils. For a bride
In the moonlight chill shroud For a dead man’s Funeral

A2. Three stages of the day represents the three stages of life. The morning represents the
beginning of life. The evening represents the adulthood. The chill moonlight night represents the end of life i.e. death.
A3. The parents have mix feeling at their daughter’s marriage ceremony. They are happy that
their new life begins. They are sad because their daughter is parting with them.
À4 Rhyming words – day- gay wild- child night- bright green – queen still – chill cloud – shroud
Rhyme scheme : aabb
Weavers, weaving at rising sun
Why do you weave a garment with fun?
With checks and colour mild
We weave the uniform for child.

Board’s Question Bank Activity and Solution 


Time of the Day  Type of Garment  Colour of Garment      For Whom
Early in the Morning ……….. Blue New Born Child
………… Marriage vels of Queen Purple and Green ……..
In the /dead Night Dead Man’s Funeral Shroud ………… Dead Man



Time of the Day  Type of Garment  Colour of Garment      For Whom
Early in the Morning Robes of a new born Child  Blue New Born Child
In the evening  Marriage veils of Queen Purple and Green Queen / Bride
In the dead Night Dead Man’s Funeral Shroud White Dead Man

A2. Complete the following web chart what weavers compare the garments being woven by them.   


A3. Describe in your words the steps or measures that you would take to solve the problems of weavers. 
Ans: At the advent of textile industry weavers lost their work and wages. I would like to solve their problems by giving them suitable employment. I would appeal people to use handwoven clothes on certain occasions. I would like to help weavers with new technology and fashion. By adopting new measures they will compete with textile industry and get enough wages.  
A4. The rhyme scheme of the first stanza is abab. Find rhyme scheme of in the second and the third stanza and also write down the rhyming pairs of words. 
Ans:                 Rhyme Scheme             Rhyming words
Second Stanza :     ccdd                         night-bright, green-queen
Third Stanza    :     eeff                          still – chill; cloud – shroud 
A5 Compose four lines on importance of clothes. 

Ans: Importance of Clothes

 One of the basic needs is clothes. 
 Clothes we wear with much cares
To protect our body from heat, cold
And rain. Some for status to hold.  

B. Poetic Appreciation Click / touch.

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