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2.1 Song of the Open Road


2.1 Song of the Open Road

Read the extract (The Poem)and do all the activities.
A1. Complete the following statements. 2
1. The poet takes to the……….. road.
2. The world before the poet is ……. and …….
3. The poet does not ask for………
A2. Pick out the lines that show the poet’s fearlessness and self confidence.
A3. The road associates rich and poor. Explain.
À4. “I myself am good fortune.” Name and explain the figures of speech. Give another similar
A5. Write four poetic lines on The Road to School.
1. The poet takes to the open road.
2. The world before the poet is free and healthy.
3. The poet does not ask for good fortune.
A2 fearlessness – Henceforth, I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing
self confidence – Henceforth, I ask for no good fortune- I myself am good fortune
A3. The road associates the rich and the poor. Both the rich and the poor use same road. The
road is used as a starting point for the journey to a new destination. The road takes the rich as
well as the poor to their destination.
A4. Metaphor : The poet implicitly compares himself with good fortune.
Another example of Metaphor : open road- here road means the road of life.
A5. The Road to School
The road to school is muddy.
But joyful to walk with buddy.
The road takes me to school.
On it we walk, run and ride cool.

Question Bank Activity 

A1. Pick out the two lines which describe the phrase ‘good fortune’. 
Ans: 1. Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good fortune
         2. Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing 
These two lines describe the phrase ‘good fortune’. 
A2. Still here I  carry my old delicious burdens’. Give reasons for this statement. 
Ans: The poet  believes in moving from one place to another. He argues against staying at one place for too long despite of hospitality. But he carries the memories of the people wherever he goes. It is impossible for him to get rid of them. 
A3. Name and explain figure of speech used in the following line. 
‘The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.’ 
Ans: 1. Alliteration : The consonantal sound ‘b’ is repeated pleasingly. 
        2. Personification  :  The path is given the human quality of taking the poet to his destination. 
A4. Express your own views regarding the following line. 
     ‘Song of the open road’ 
Ans: Through the title of the poem the poet indicates free will, self awareness and tenderness of soft heart. Life is like a open road. We live a life like singing a song. The road symbolizes mobility. It is open to all men and women, rich and poor. 
A5.  Compose four lines on ‘Journey of Life’ by using rhyming words. 
Ans:  Get on a boat in morn
          Row it and get a corn
          Store not more than you need
          Journey of life is not for greed.

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