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1.8 Voyaging Towards Excellence


1.8 Voyaging Towards Excellence

(A1)(i) Go through the text again and describe the second innings of the writer in your own words. 
(A2) (i) Read the text again and make a list of great Indian and foreign personalities who had a great impact on Achyut Godbole during his childhood. One is done for you.

Poets                                   Vinda Karandikar, Mangesh Padgaonkar, Vasant Bapat
Writers          Keshavsut, Mardhekar, Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens              
Musicians Pt Kumar Gandharv  Pt. Bhimsen Pt Jasraj
Dramatists  Shakespear , Pt. Kumar Gandharv
Painters Van Gogh, Mozar, Michael Angelo
(ii) Find different techniques used by the writer to learn Science and Mathematics. One is done for you. 
(a) The writer used to appreciate the inherent beauty of these subjects. 
(iii) The writer faced numerous problems while communicating in English because- 
(a) He had his entire education in Marathi.

 (iv) The writer was completely stumped because his 

(v) Read the text again and complete the sentence: 
Due to the writer’s pathetic English speaking style, he…………..

vi) Complete the following sentences. The writer wanted to achieve mastery in English because- 

(vii) Make a list of different steps that the writer undertook to improve his English speaking skills.

 (viii) (a) Read the text again and describe the writer’s achievements after achieving mastery over the English language. 

(b) Go through the text again and complete the table comparing two different phases of life of the writer-as an MD or Chief Executive Officer and an activist of Sarvodaya movement. 


MD or Chief Executive Officer          
Activist of Sarvodaya Movement
 Head of the company for 23 years  Joined a non-violent social movement for tribal with Sarvodaya   
Travelled all over the globe for business

Participated in a peaceful satyagraha
Wrote 4 books on information Technology 

Went to jail for 10 days

 (ix) (a) Complete the web highlighting the various opportunities you gained due to your good English speaking skills. 

 (b) Describe a situation or incident when you felt embarassed for your lack of knowledge of a particular subject or incompetence in speaking English fluently. 
 (A3) (i) Fill in the blanks selecting the correct phrase from the alternatives given. One is done for you. [be completely stumped, be broken, feel out of place, speak at length, feel at home, sea of knowledge, broaden one’s horizon, one’s second innings, touch the hearts, keep one going] 
(a) By the end of the week she was beginning to feel at home in her new job. 
(b) When he lost his mother he was completely broken .
 (c) Travelling can help to  broaden one’s horizon.
 (d) After my retirement I started my second innings as a social worker. 
(e) Having faith in God keeps me going in difficult situation.
 (f) To succeed in any competitive examination, one requires a sea of knowkedge .
 (g) The simple village girl felt ot of place in a formal party.
 (h) The work done by Sindhutai Sapkal touched the hearts of millions.
 (i) The teacher spoke at length explaining the concept.
 (j) The speaker was completely stumped by the intelligent questions asked by the audience.
 (A4) (i) Primary Auxiliary Verbs 
Modal Auxiliries
(iii) Do as directed and rewrite the sentences.

(a) I did not fully understand their discussions but I was immensely impressed. (Remove ‘but’.) 
Ans :Though I did not fully understand their discussions , I was immensely impressed.
(b) I had decided that I would do nothing of this sort. (Remove ‘that’.)
Ans: I had decided to do nothing of this sort. 
(c) My fear had vanished and I started feeling at home in my hostel. (Use ‘when’.)
Ans : When my fear had vanished, I started feeling at home in my hostel. 
(d) It was only my self-esteem which stopped me. (Remove ‘which’.) 
Ans : My self-esteem stopped me. 
(e) I plunged into all these branches of knowledge. It was a period of renaissance. (Join with ‘when’.)
Ans : It was a period of renaissance when  I plunged into all these branches of knowledge.
(f) When I look back, there are a number of lessons that I cherish. (Remove ‘When’.)
Ans : Looking back I cherish a number of lessons. 
(g) There are hundreds who tell me that they understood the theory of relativity. (Remove ‘who’.)
Ans : Hundreds of people tell me that they understood the theory of relativity.

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