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CBSE Class 12 : English core 2021 sample papers pdf download : 2021 English sample papers download class 12

Hello everyone in this post I am going to upload the CBSE Class 12th sample papers of English core . We already uploaded sample papers of all other subjects with solutions if you don’t download them ,check out other post of our website and download those sample papers and start practicing . All the sample papers uploaded on our website are latest and based on latest exam pattern.

CBSE class 12 English sample paper

There are total 5 sample papers of English which we have uploaded in this post . Solution of all sample papers are also attached in the same pdf so that you can check your Paper yourself after solving the paper . Try to solve the Paper in exam like environment and don’t use and books, notes or other materials which are prohibited in exam hall and don’t forget to check time taken by you in solving the sample papers. Try to complete 1 sample paper within 3 hour so that you can easily manage time in board exam .

After solving the Paper check it yourself with the help of books and solutions given in the back pages of pdf and calculate your marks. If you are getting less marks than don’t feel demotivated or depressed just try to avoid the mistake you did in the paper and analyse the mistake made by you and write them on a paper so that you can avoid those mistakes in your board exam .

Key features of the sample papers

✓ Made by expert having many years of experience in CBSE
✓ Based on latest 2020-21 Reduced syllabus
✓ Solution of all papers available

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